Tips to Selecting An Interior Design Company

The word interior design speaks for itself. It is a profession that involves both creativity and technicality. It’s the process of enhancing and designing the interior of a room or a building to create a more aesthetic appearance. It is more than simply rearranging your furniture. Oh no, if that was the case then we’d all be interior designers. Interior designers have to research, analyze, plan their design. They would have to coordinate their designs/work according to the exterior of the building, and according to the type of atmosphere the client wants to create. Knowledge of color, materials, space planning, programming, architecture is a must. Plans have to stick to building rules and regulations, has to meet ADA requirements.

Have to choose an interior designer? Let me guide you.

Choosing the best interior design company in Malaysia


1. Determine your tastes and style

There are certain steps you should take before choosing your designer. The first is knowing what you want and determining your tastes. Selecting a designer without knowing this would be like walking into the supermarket without knowing what you’re meant to buy. It would be a difficult task for both you and your designer. So envision what you’d like your space to look like. Search up interior design ideas on the web. By doing so you’d be laying a strong foundation to the start of your project.


2. Scour the area for designers.

Now that you’ve identified your wants and style, the next step would be searching for the right designer to meet your expectations. You may search for them online, or get recommendations from friends or family in Malaysia who’ve recently done a home or office makeover. During this stage my advice would be selecting at least three designers. Read through their portfolios, any reviews about the design company online and look at other projects they have worked on. The more you know, the better. The final choice is best made after you’ve met them in person.


3. Place a budget.

Find out how much you are willing to spend on this project. Placing a budget would help narrow down your choices. Not all companies charge the same. You are most likely to choose someone that meets your requirements and falls within budget.


4. Meet with the designers.

This is a crucial stage. I’m assuming that you’ve narrowed down your searches to three interior design companies in Malaysia and you’re now ready to contact and interview them. This is the stage whereby you would select the best designer most suited for the job. Be sure to ask questions and thoroughly inform them about your vision.





5. Be open to suggestions made by your designer.

You might find that you would actually like the modifications. They would most likely advise you on what will or will not suit your space. Don’t shy away from disagreement. Communicate with your designer so that you are able to get the best work. Good interior designers are flexible and are able to incorporate your ideas and vision into the designs.


6. Sign a contract and plan let the planning begin

After you have chosen the designer to work on your home or office makeover in Malaysia, sign a contract with the company.  You are now ready to begin. Plan out a schedule with your designer. You’d be deciding where to start off and how to go about doing so.