The 6 Things Your Hotel In Cheras Should Have

If Cheras is your next destination, then you’re probably in for a treat. The popular district is situated within the borders of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Yes, they are shared by municipal councils which means, there is superb security within its borders.

Now, if Cheras is in your itinerary, don’t commit to an accommodation yet, check out these six things that you should look for in your Cheras hotel.

1. Does it make you feel safe?

If it doesn’t make you feel safe and secure when you check the place out or upon arriving, then you’re better off staying someplace else. In situations like these, it’s better to follow your gut.

While Cheras was known by it’s local to be a place where gangs are rampant, it has come a long way in terms of development. It’s now safer than ever and major gentrification is happening all around the district. You can even find a local freelance escort in Cheras without any trouble.

2. Is the location convenient?

Now, location isn’t going to be a problem for you when you’re in Cheras as there are 11 MRT stops within the district alone. All of those stops amount to 35% of all the MRT stops, which means that getting around Cheras is going to be very easy.

Make sure that your hotel is near an MRT station so you won’t waste time moving around from one public transportation to another. Get a map and check to see how convenient the location of the hotel is.

3. Is it clean enough?

The best place to check for cleanliness is the bathroom, check to see for molds and if the floor and tiles are cleaned thoroughly. You want to be sure that the hotel room that you’ll be staying at isn’t going to cause you health problems. Some hotel rooms suffer from pests, check to see for bed bugs too by scraping the bottom corner of the mattress with a card.

If you see anything unpleasant, politely ask if they can be cleaned or replaced. If not, you’re better off transferring to a new room or hotel.

4. Are there free things to use?

Yes, look for free things such as shampoo, soap, bottled water, and even coffee. Even small hotels or bed and breakfast offer this kind of convenience to their guest. If such things are available to you, you’ll be sure that they at least have some attention to the customer’s experience. This free stuff will also be convenient for those people who don’t like to bring their own toiletries.

5. Is the bed comfortable?

Don’t be too shy to try it out and make some requests, especially if the bed isn’t what you’d expect it to be. The bed is supposed to be one of the big investment hotels make, and if you feel that they are stingy about it, what else could they be stingy about?

Additionally, you need a good night’s sleep from all those sightseeing you’ve been doing and a good bed is the best reward after a long day.

6. Is everything working?

Everything in your room should be working, no questions asked. All of the lights should be the same, and they should be bright. Bathroom fixtures should also be working properly without leaks or any foul odor. If there are things that don’t seem to be working properly, report them immediately. You don’t want the hotel blaming you for it.