How to Keep Your Automatic and Mechanical Watches in Top Shape: 6 Helpful Tips

1. Practice proper watch storage.

Don’t just store your mechanical and automatic watches at the garage. If you want to keep your timepieces rust-free and safe, keep it in a dry, clean place. Never store them in basements and garages, since these areas are susceptible to dampness and dirt.

2. Never test your watch.

A mechanical watch from Malaysia is a treasure and a good investment. However, it’s true that some people love to live dangerously. A mechanical timepiece is durable and strong, but that doesn’t meant that you can check what the watch can or cannot do. Just wear it, and care for it.

3. Don’t get near magnetic fields.

While this rule primarily applies to much older mechanical timepieces, it’s important to take note
of it. Exposing your watch to strong magnetic fields can make it stop and become erratic. Just in
case this happens, you need to demagnetize your watch.

4. Practice great watch care.

Practice good watch care, if you want to enjoy your timepiece for a long period of time. If you
are not yet familiar with watch servicing, it’s time to learn more about it now. It’s good to get the watch serviced every 3 to 7 years. Do you know that the oils that keep its movements working dry up every few years, even if you don’t wear it often?

5. Make friends with reputable watch makers.

Look for a trustworthy, reputable watchmaker before you need watch repair services. This reliable person can help you take care with your growing collection.

6. Take off your watch sometimes.

If you really love your watch, you also need to give it a rest. Wearing it every single day may sound cool, but it can also cause it serious damage. For instance, wearing it while cooking and kneading may cause small particles to get in hard-to-reach crevices. Take it off sometimes, to keep it clean and rust-free.