Buying Men’s Watches: 5 Helpful Tips

1. Select a reputable watch brand.

Are you looking for affordable yet quality and classy men’s watches in Malaysia? You can settle with dress watches from reputable brands such as Citizen, Bulova, Pulsar and Seiko. You wouldn’t want to wear a cheap, generic timepiece from a discount shop!

2. Go for conservative dress watch designs.

Don’t wear flashy timepieces at the office. Keep in mind that job interview appointments and day-to-day work take place on no-bling zones. Wearing a flashy timepiece during a job interview will take away all the focus off your credentials. Wearing a sports watch or a casual watch is not a good choice, either. The best decision here is to wear a conservative dress watch.

3. Buy a watch with a normal-sized watch case.

When looking for a classy and conservative watch design, make sure to find one that is less than 15 mm thick. You can easily find these measurements in the watch. Moreover, get one that easily fits under a long-sleeved shirt, and your cuff. A timepiece that has a 57 mm case, and is 25 mm thick is totally inappropriate for a corporate routine.

4. Color coordinate the watch with your clothes and other accessories.

Here is a basic color guide for men’s watches:

  • If your timepiece has gold tones, make sure that your belt buckle also has gold tones.
  • If are wearing a blue suit, wear a watch with a blue background on its dial.
  • If your timepiece has a brown strap, wear brown shoes and brown belt.
  • A silver bracelet style watch band or black strap would go well with black shoes and black belt.

5. Don’t overwhelm the people around you by wearing an expensive timepiece.

Feel free to wear a Rolex watch if you work in a prestigious corporate company. That will surely help you fit in. However, for most professional jobs and middle-class workers, wearing a very expensive timepiece is a bad idea.