4 Interior Design Styles For Your Home Make-over

Are you tired of staring at the same bland wallpaper or white coat of paint encompassing your home? It sounds like you could use a home makeover. This article serves to provide you with inspiration and ideas to fuel your next home makeover in Malaysia. There is never simply one reason to desire such. Maybe your paint is beginning to crack or the color is washed out. Or maybe you simply want a change, to transform your home into something more stylish. Maybe you want to improve your comfort.

Ready your vision board readers, this article with tickle your fancy. It will feature some ideas for your long overdue Home makeover in Malaysia. Our goal is to move past the basic white or peach look and bring out something more.

Before you turn your home upside, take a long good look at your budget. You have to be realistic here. The design of your choice has to fall into your price range.

Also, remember to plan thoroughly. Figure out your style, darlings. Having a clear mind of what you want, would help avoid complications with your interior designer.

Although selecting the right interior designer might seem challenging, with thorough research it can definitely be done. Choose an interior designer that would be able to provide you with what you want. Coordination between you and your designer will achieve the best results.

To help you identify your style and visualize what you want, I will be illustrating three types of home styles; Classic, Rustic and Minimalist, and Retro.


Classic: (Classicalism) An interior style that was brought to the Europe as early as the 17th century. Its color scheme is mostly in light pastel colors, which creates a serene, calm, and sophisticated atmosphere. The furniture and ceiling may be designed with Victorian, Greek or roman carvings.  Classic interior designs have modernized and look less traditional.

Examples of Classic Bathroom


Examples of Classic bedroom


Examples of Classic Kitchen


Examples of Classic living room


The minimalist style follows the mantra “Less is more”. It is a style that aims to avoid clustering of home space with excessive decorating. Its aim is to design an environment which is healthier, functional, organized and peaceful.

It mostly uses soft, pastel colors. When working on a minimalist home design, it’s best to stick to a color scheme. However, that does not mean you have to choose the same color. Make use of a diverse range of shades, textures and materials.

Minimalist Bathroom Examples 


Minimalist Bedroom examples


Minimalist Kitchen ideas


Minimalist Living Room ideas


This is a style that uses natural colors, raw, and unrefined elements.  It conveys a certain rural essence. The style would make use of natural elements such as wood, stone or leather. The colors would revolve around browns, green, greys and gold. Rustic designs avoids use of modern materials such as plastic, or bright color.


Rustic Bathroom Ideas


Rustic Bedroom ideas


Rustic Kitchen ideas


Rustic Living Room Ideas



The Retro style involves more color than the styles previously mentioned. It is an interior design that includes mixed styles, objects and themes influenced by decor from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The style is frequently entwined with Vintage style. Unlike the Rustic, Retro would make use of synthetic materials for its designs. Its intention is to create a cheerful, lively atmosphere.

Retro color schemes would typically be bright colors such as a mix of reds, mustard yellow, or green. Examples of this style will be given below.  Much of its furniture and décor have an artistic, abstract touch to it. Couches are usually elongated and decorated with flamboyant pillows.


Retro Bathroom Ideas


Retro Bedroom ideas


Retro Kitchen Ideas


Retro Living Room


Few Tips

If you’re looking to brighten up your room, here are a few suggestions on how to do so. You could first of all, consider adding plants to your room. It would literally add life to the area. Be sure to water them though! Adding abstract art to the space would also help. Add something that would complement the room.

Lastly, you could also consider adding different lighting. I am personally a huge fan of fairy lights. It gives the room a serene atmosphere. Other ideas may include in-floor lighting or a lamp. It would bring light into the room and create a comfortable vibe when the sun is down.

Once you’re done with renovating the interior of your home, why not move on to renovating your backyard. Read up on Garden Landscaping tips in Malaysia.