4 Easy Tips to Help You Choose a Baby Milk Bottle for Your Newborn

A baby milk bottle is one of the most essential things in your parenting toolkit. This would be the thing that you use whenever you want to feed your baby with some formula milk. Heck, you can even use it to store breastmilk for convenience as well!
But, as with baby formulas, there are just plenty of different varieties out there- with different materials used and different nipple sizes to suit your baby’s different needs.
A lot of first-time parents still do not know exactly how to choose the best one for their newborn that is why in this article, I will cover some tips to help you choose.


Baby milk bottles are made up of different materials that will suit different scenarios. The most common type that you can find is the plastic milk bottle. They are pretty lightweight and should be your preferred option as they are also inexpensive as well.
If you are choosing the plastic variant, make sure that you buy those that are BPA-free so that chemicals won’t leach into them as opposed to their non-BPA-free variants.
You also want to choose one that is BPS-free as well. BPS stands for Bisphenol S and is a chemical that can seep to your baby’s food which, in turn, will affect their health.
Because of the possible risk of BPA and BPS, some manufacturers have opted to switch to either Polyethersulfone (PES) or Polypropene (PP).
You can also opt for glass milk bottles if you do not want any possibility of leaching, though, you have to make sure that your baby doesn’t break it as it can be hazardous as well.


A baby milk bottle usually has a companion nipple for your baby to suck on. The materials used in milk bottle nipples are Latex and Silicone.
Latex is usually more flexible and softer than silicone, but they do not last quite long, especially if your baby is one of those nibble types.
Silicone nipples are much firmer and they are able to hold their shapes for a longer time. You have to try what works for your baby because they might like the softer latex or they may prefer the firmer silicone.


Aside from the size of the nipple, you also have to take into consideration the flow of the milk as well. There are those that have one, two, or four holes- with one being the slowest of the bunch and the one with four holes is the fastest.
Newborns typically want one with one hole, but as your baby grows, their needs become different. Upgrade to one with more holes once that happens.


Plastic bottles are usually much cheaper than those that are made of glass, but you have to think which you prefer. Do you want a lightweight bottle, but can be problematic when it leaches chemicals? Or do you want a more robust bottle, albeit can be hazardous when it breaks?
Although price can be a consideration, it shouldn’t be your end-all-be-all. You have to buy the things that your baby needs.