4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Wear a Wrist Watch

I am a watch enthusiast and collector and a lot of people come to me and ask why they should wear a casual watch or any other watch type out there. I mean, we now live in a world with smartphones that can also tell us the time, right? Well, one of the main reasons why I would still go for a traditional wristwatch is so that you no longer have to pull out your bulkier smartphone just to tell the time. You simply flick your wrist towards your face and you will instantly know the current time without any problems.

But, that is not the only reason why I would advocate for anyone to wear a watch. Today, I am going to cite some compelling reasons why you should get one.

Great Conversation Starters

Just like the smartphone you are using, wearing a watch can actually be a very good conversation starter, especially if you are talking to women at bars or nightclubs. You see, a watch is prominent right off the bat simply because it can be seen visibly without you having to do anything else. Smartphones, on the other hand, are quite cumbersome because you will have to take it out of your pants or bag and some smartphones don’t have their logos prominently seen by the onlookers. Wearing a watch can initiate a conversation, especially if you are wearing one that is from prominent watchmakers. For instance, if you are wearing a Patek Philippe watch, that will almost always spark interest to the people who know the brand really well.

You Will Look More Organized

Just by wearing a watch, you no longer have to whip out your phone or laptop just to tell the time. And, because watches are more convenient in telling the time, you will not miss any deadlines, schedules, or any of your time-sensitive projects since you are wearing a rather accurate timepiece.

It Can Complement What You Wear

This is actually one of the main reasons why you’d want a watch. By wearing the correct watch that is fit for the occasion, it is always going to complement what you are wearing. For instance, if you go to a black-tie event and you are wearing a simple analog watch with a black leather strap, not only will it look good on you but it can also tell other people that you have impeccable taste when it comes to design and style.

Believe me when I say that girls are especially keen on looking at your outfit, especially the watch you are wearing to go along with it.

You Respect Horology

Horology is the science and art of watchmaking. If you are wearing a watch, you not only respect your time seeing as it can accurately tell it, but you are also aware of what horology is and you respect every aspect of it. The first-ever wristwatch was made by a Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe. It was originally meant as a female accessory but has since been used by military personnel and businessmen because it is an accurate and convenient way to tell the time