The Next Big Trends for Interior Design


Interior design trends come and go year after year, and they are constantly changing. If you want to change the look of your home or office, you can visit a good interior design company in Malaysia to do so. 

In this article, we will predict some of the next big interior design trends.



The use of wood in home decoration has grown in popularity year after year, and we predict that this trend will continue in 2019. Bringing wooden elements into houses gives it a vintage feel, and is a vibe a lot of people go for.

Healing Decor:

Wellness and self care is one of the hottest topic of the year, and we predict it to be one of the next biggest interior design trends. People want to increase positive vibes and peace in their homes, and things like bedroom plants and healing crystals are being used more commonly.


Dark Kitchens:

For a while now, we have been seeing all-white kitchens everywhere. All-white kitchens have been a trend for a while now, but black kitchens are starting to make a comeback. People are starting to add darker colors to give it a more modern and sleek look.

Symbolic Prints:

Lately, we have been seeing many prints with a lot of earthy symbolism. Murals of the solar system, feathery prints, and moon phases have all started making a comeback.



People have started adding a lot of navy colored elements to their houses, rooms and offices. It is being paired with many exciting colors such as mint green or bright pink, and gives places a very classy and modern look.



Now, we have all heard about minimalism and that “more is less.” However, that seems to be changing. More and more people have started embracing a style that has a lot more textural overload. It is called a “more is more” approach, and is the exact opposite of minimalism.