The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Architect

Just like with any other kind of profession, being an architect has its own rewards and drawbacks. Even if you are already working at the most reputable architecture firm in Kuala Lumpur, you are sure to experience some difficulties.


  • Architecture is a demanding and challenging industry. The scope of problems an architect is accountable for seems endless. As an architect, you need to spend tons of time working on a specific project as it takes to build everything.
  • The architecture field is subject to the economy’s ups and downs. Architects rely on economic growth for their daily living. If the country’s economy is not doing well, then one of the first things that would be in less demand are the construction of new buildings.
  • Before becoming an architect, a person should endure a long, expensive and competitive process. You need to endure 5 long years to earn your degree in architecture, and then another 2 years if you want to take up a master’s degree. After all the school work comes internship.
  • The starting salary of architects are considered lower than average, compared to other professions with similar requirements, such as law and medicine. Architects who are just starting out are advised to practice excellent money management skills, and maybe work on part-time, freelance projects for additional income.


  • Architecture may be a demanding career, though it ca also be a creative profession. As you gain more experience as an architect, the more you learn about the actual design process.
  • Architecture is not a boring profession. It is a highly dynamic field, demanding tons of tasks. No architecture project is the same. You are set to deal with different matters, from drawing plans and making estimates to meeting with contractors to dealing with last-minute requests.
  • Many architects work hard not only because of the money. They are passionate to their craft. For them, all the stressful moments are highly rewarding and fulfilling.