6 Huge Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Commit

1. Posting false claims about money

If you are new in the affiliate marketing world, don’t make false claims with regards to earning money. Feel free to talk about all the benefits of trainings, and how awesome the results are for you, but never try to trick other people. That can ruin your strategy and online credibility.

2. Failure to focus on campaigns

Ignore all the distractions that will come your way on a regular basis. If you really want to know how affiliate programs to work in Malaysia, you need to focus on your campaigns. A single profitable, completed campaign is worth even more than 40 half-finished ones.

3. Selling, instead of helping

Work hard to provide great value for your customers. Once they realize how valuable your items are, they would write good affiliate product reviews about them. We all know that people love reading reviews first before making the final decision about the purchases. Leverage on this habit, and make sure that more customers would come to you.

4. Offering too many affiliate products

Several affiliate marketers make the mistake of joining plenty of affiliate marketing programs. Sure, cultivating various streams of income is great when working online, though there will come a time that things will become unmanageable. Don’t overload yourself.

5. Failure to test the offers

Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers, and then opt in to the vendor follow up sequence.

6. Failure to monitor progress

Once you generate a sale, of course you would want to know where they came from. This is the reason why you shouldn’t forget to utilize distinct tracking affiliate links on every page. By doing so, you would know which we pages are converting effectively. Scale and grow that campaign according to all the data that you will gather.