3 Tips to Easily Bring Your Baby to Sleep

Babies love to sleep on their parents’ arms. As cute as this seems, parents need their sleep as well, but you sure won’t be able to sleep with your baby resting on your body.

You are scooping your baby out of the stroller to put them in the crib, only for them to end up crying on the way to the said crib. ‘What do I do?!’ you panicked.

If you went through that before, these 3 helpful tips might be the solution you have been looking for!

  1. Babies Will Usually Sleep in Your Arms

Dr. Polly Moore, the director of sleep research, said that newborns and infants live their lives in a more sensory fashion, which is why they adore sleeping on their mother’s arms.

Babies are sensitive being. They sense quickly when the ones holding them aren’t their mother. Just let your siblings or parents hold your baby. They will most likely cry burst into tears.

Putting your baby into a crib almost sounds impossible, right? But not really. Moore enlightened, creating an environment that tricks them to think you’re still around is possible!

Baby recognized you from the warmth the feel in your arms. The tips here is to provide them the same warmth when you place them inside the crib.

Putting blankets or pillows might do the trick, but they are not completely safe either as those can risk suffocating your little one.

To smoothly put your baby into the crib, swaddle them comfortably. Then, after making sure that their crib is cozy enough to be laid in that they’d mistaken to still be on your arms, carefully lean to the mattress and transfer them gently.

  1. Babies Fancy Carrier

The carrier is like a Kangaroo’s pouch. Like how they help their young feel cozy and at home, that’s what the carrier does to your baby. On top of that, it is very beneficial for them, seeming as they’ll be put in an upright position. This is especially perfect for babies who are trying to pass gas.

Put them on the carrier whenever they’re drowsy. That way, they’ll get used to falling asleep on it by themselves. Of course, there are possibilities for them to cry, observe them, but let them be. They will eventually cry themselves to sleep. Keep in mind though, a crying baby is normal but a flushed baby is not. If their body temperature is slightly above average, bring them promptly to your nearby pediatrician. For those who live nearby Mont Kiara, KLCC or Penang, Hibari Mont Kiara Clinic will be a great choice to bring your baby as they offer a thorough check-up and the best treatments for your little one!

  1. Other Tips

All babies need a good bedtime routine for them to be able to sleep on their own. To achieve this, you want to have as little distraction as possible, so you can induce the sleeping effect.

Sing your baby lullaby or read them their favorite book to help them fall asleep